HyperStudio - A Great Way to Start a Green Screen Video

1. Make a video with a green-screen background. In this case it’s a green bed sheet draped over some boxes.

  1. 2.Drag and drop the video on to the card in your HyperStudio project.

  1. 3.Use the “transparent color” setting in HyperStudio to remove the background.

You can even crop the movie to remove areas outside of the green-screen background:

With good lighting, and planning so that the green sheet completely fills the video frame, you can totally eliminate the background and have not only a video figure IN the project, but the figure can be interactive as well. 

That is, the video figure can respond differently depending on what other objects on the card are clicked on, or even to having the figure itself dragged to different positions on the card!

For more information about Interactive Video Figures, click here!

Bonus Tip:  Green-screen video figures can be placed over another movie in the background to create very dramatic effects!